October 16, 2014

A Poppy Field & The Best Gift Ever!!

Skirt // thanks to ChicWish
Camera // Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (also in white, blue, yellow & black)
Heels // thanks to Sante Shoes (old, similar here & here)
Bag // ZARA (old, similar here)
Ring // Accessorize (old)
Top // H&M (old)

Couple of days ago I attended the Press Preview of Vichy's new anti-ageing cream, Liftactiv Supreme, an innovative product that promises not only to sooth wrinkles but also to make your skin look just like as fresh as when you wake up in the morning, all day long!! After the presentation was over, we all received a goody bag with the product and the best gift ever: an instant photo camera!! Of course, I went for pink and I couldn't wait to take pictures. Thank you much, Vichy, for the best gift I have ever received as a blogger. So happy & grateful =)

Now that I told you all about my new cute and sassy gadget, I would like to talk to you about another gorgeous skirt I received from ChicWish... I have to admit that in real life it looks even prettier and it is definitely the perfect piece for my girly/romantic wardrobe. #swoon

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

October 15, 2014

Beauty Buys #2: Makeup Removers // Review

I am a sucker for Sephora products, ever since I discovered them, more than a decade ago. Many people think that since they are something like "private label" products they are not as effective and secure as their branded and highly advertised equivalents, but in my opinion as a beauty consumer this so not true! After years and years of trying out beauty products to find the best for my skin and needs, I have two things to say about Sephora: 100% effective and skin friendly.

*2 in 1 Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Gel*
I was reluctant to use it at first, because for some reason I was terrified by the fact that it was a gel! I thought that my eyes would hurt and get irritated, but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It is very gentle and effective, since it removes eye makeup almost instantly, so there is no need for rubbing. It is actually really refreshing and "eye-opening", takes off 99% of the eye makeup. A single pump for each eye is more than enough which translates to a longer lifespan!

*Radiance Cleansing Foam*
I am a huge fan of foamy face cleansers and this one is one of my favorite along with Garnier's Pure Active Fruit Energy. Love them because they are like gadgets and when I press the pump the foam comes out! I spread it on my face and after a gentle massage I rinse with water. The skin feels so clean and refreshed, ready to get hydrated.

Have you ever tried Sephora products? Did you like them?

|barefoot duchess|

Important Notice: These are NOT sponsored posts. I have purchased the products with my own money and the review is 100% based on my personal experience.

October 13, 2014

Grande Amour

Skirt // ASOS
Bag // ASOS
Heels // thanks to Sante Shoes
Earrings // ASOS
Top // ZARA (similar here & here)

By far, this is one of my most favorite outfits, ever since I started blogging, I could call it my Grande Amour! Includes some of my top choice pieces (full skirt), patterns (stripes) and colors (red), a pair of heeled lace-ups (feminine and comfortable at the same time) and that lovely sleeping kitty purse! I just couldn't believe my eyes how cute this bag was! So soft and cuddly... and although it looks small it can fit my wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone and my perfect red lipstick* too.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

*thanks to LancĂ´me Greece - Lipstick L'Absolu Rouge, 160 Rouge Grande Amour

October 8, 2014

All About My Hair

Many of you have been asking me about my hair, like how do I take care of it, if it is all mine, who is my hairdresser and more. This is why I decided to write a dedicated post that I will try to answer all those questions. To begin with, those of you that have been around for a while must have realized by now that I love my hair. I think it is the best part of me and I take care of it the best way I can.

What is your hair color? 
My natural color is an ashy dark blonde (No.8). I have grown quite a few grey hair lately, but gets mixed with my highlights so I don't worry about that just yet.

Eight years ago, I decided to start highlighting my hair and haven't stopped since! I do it twice a year, approx. every 6 months. I always ask my colorist to keep it in blonde tones and close to my natural color. Right now my color looks like an ombre but it's not!

Where can I get the color technique you have?
The man I trust with my hair color is Ilias Morogiannis @ TEO Hair Design, in Glyfada. He perfectly understands what I want and perfectly executes it. He is the Master of (hair) Color!

October 6, 2014

Pink Ribbon

Skirt // ASOS
Top // ASOS
Bag // ZARA (old, similar here)
Heels // ZARA (old, similar here and here)
Bracelet // ZARA (old, similar here and here)
Earrings // Accessorize (old, similar here)

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I wanted to share with you my personal experience and hopefully motivate you do that check up you keep postponing.

Couple of days ago I went for my first mammogram. It was one of my most awkward experiences (I heard that it hurt, but had no idea it was that much...), but I am a prevention "freak", which means that there was no chance I would avoid it.

Prevention can save lives. It can save yours too. Love yourselves and your bodies and do what's best for you. Ask your doctor when to begin mammograms and other screenings and do your self examination regularly (at least once a month).

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by the Duke

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