September 21, 2016

Travel Diary // Paris - Part I

A dream came true! I went to Paris with my Duke and had the time of my life!! We celebrated our 10th year anniversary being married and the 20th as a couple. It was definitely a trip to remember and I want to share our best moments with you, but I am going to split it into 2 or 3 parts so I can fit everything in and not bore you. Enjoy!

Top,Shoes,Backpack / Stradivarius
Skirt / Chicwish, buy it here

We stayed in a 3-star hotel between the 8th and the 9th arrondissement (district), near the Palais Garnier (the Opera). It was a lovely neighborhood with cute brasseries and bistros, small local theaters, the metro station of Madeleine very near and many shops and shopping centers like Printemps and Galleries Lafayette. I didn't go to either, since we decided to spend our time visiting monuments and landmarks instead.

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I personally recommend:
*Les Caprices de Charlotte (boulangerie) for breakfast - ask for the butter croissants
*Le Grefullhe (brasserie) for small dinner - ask for the croque monsieur

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The Tour Eiffel and the Champ de Mars were the first places we visited, both in the 7th arrondissement. I can confirm what you might already suspect: the tower is literally breathtaking. The magnitude and height of the monument left us in awe! It's nothing like we have seen before. And this was built in 1889! The Champ de Mars is a large public greenspace, perfect for long walks, on the feet of the Eiffel Tower. We have one in Athens (I don't know which one came first, sorry) so it felt a bit like "home", haha.

Top / ZARA
Shoes, Backpack / Stradivarius
Skirt / Chicwish, buy it here

Monmartre is a large hill in the 18th arrondissement and a place that you must visit, not only for its artistic history (Dali, Picasso, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec and many other artists from the Belle Epoque had their studios there), but also for the great view of Paris from the cathedral of Sacre Coeur, the small shops selling souvenirs, the cafes and the boulangeries at the Place du Tertre, and, of course, the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.

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Last but not least (for Part 1), the Château de Versailles is the palace where the royal family (including Marie-Antoinette) used to live, is cited 20km outside Paris and covers 67,000 square meters! We took the train (15') from the Montparnasse Station and then walked to the main gate (another 15') to enter the Palace and the famous Gardens. If haven't already heards, the most famous room of the palace is the Hall of Mirrors, which now I can finally say that it is ticked off my bucket list!

After walking around the main palace for almost 2 hours, we decided to rent a golf car to navigate around the gardens. They are huge! We only had time to visit the Petit Trianon, the Temple of Love and the Queen's Hamlet (Marie-Antoinette's estate) and that was another 2 hours. I am definitely going again sometime in the future because I want to see EVERYTHING!

Dress / Chicwish, buy it here
Shoes, Backpack / Stradivarius

This is the end of Part I. There are at least two more to come, so stay tuned! More photos from the Louvre, the Tuileries and Luxembourg gardens, Notre Dame, the Seine and the streets of magical Paris! À bientôt

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Photos by me and the Duke via my Instagram

*I would also like to send a big "THANK YOU" to my friends and fellow bloggers who helped me prepare for this amazing trip, with so much patience (haha, unbelievable patience):

- Anna from Aspects of Style
- Maria from Travelstories From My World
- Eleanna from El's Escapes 
- Loukia from The Fashion Reporter

September 6, 2016

Getting Sporty

Top // H&M (old), similar here
Sneakers // Stradivarius, similar here
Bag // Carpisa, similar here
Sunnies // TopVintage, similar here
Headscarf // Stradivarius, similar here

I am pretty sure it is the first time I ever wore sneakers on an outfit post and I suspect that this will not be the last! I bought those cuties couple of days ago from Stradivarius for our trip to Paris and I think I am in love... They are super comfy and very pretty, and I adore the pink detail on the back and their round shape. I can wear them with my skirts and dresses without feeling awkward. And I can walk a lot! I already tried them while shopping in IKEA (for 3 hours!) and they passed the test.

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Photos by The Duke

September 1, 2016

Travel Diary // Kyparissi, Lakonia

A small picturesque village by the sea, on Southeastern Peloponnese, on the foothills of Mount Parnonas. It is the second time we visited, since my Duke's cousin had her wedding there 3 years ago. Quite a long journey from Athens (4 1/2 hours by car), but once we arrived, his aunt was waiting for us with a welcoming dinner table full of delis she made just for us!

We stayed at Avra, a very cute and friendly hotel near aunt Soula's house. If you ever decide to visit Kyparissi, you should check it out. Their breakfast is delicious, it is served whenever you like (not the typical 8.30-10.30), but is not included in the room's price, you pay for it extra.

August 30, 2016

It's Always ☼ Summer ☼ Somewhere...

Shoes // Soludos
Bag // Achilleas Accessories, similar here
Hat // Stradivarius, similar here

My vacation is over and I am back to my basis, full with energy and new ideas, but with Summer still in my heart... Summer is always in my heart, in my head, in my mood, all over my existence and all year round. Summer is also one of the reasons why I love my country so much; because it's always Summer here. That "somewhere" written on my bag is actually here. Well, almost... We do have Winter and cold days, but even then, most of the time, the sun is shining. I feel so blessed and lucky.

*P.S. Great news, my Greek friends!!
Capital Controls have loosened. You can now shop online worldwide with your credit cards that were issued by Greek banks! Woohooooooo!!!

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Photos by The Duke

August 2, 2016

Pink Rose Garden

Shoes // Sante Shoes (old), similar here
Purse // Carpisa, similar here
Belt // Migato, similar here

As an optimistic person, I see opportunity in (almost) every situation, a light at the end of a long and dark tunnel. Since I was little, even as a teenager, I always looked for something good in a bad moment, in a failed exam, in a bad relationship (romantic or other), a job interview that didn't go well, a trip that didn't go as planned, etc. My advice to those of you who cannot handle a bad situation is to stay calm, close your eyes and think of a garden full of roses (mine are bright pink, but I let you choose the color). I can't remember if someone told me to do that, but works perfectly for me and I intend to keep it like that as long as I breathe.

|barefoot duchess|

Photos by The Duke

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